What Is Your Inner Design?

Nature “assigns” you behavior patterns, based on your date of birth, which define who you are in spirit and personality. Turning your attention to those behavior patterns helps you build trust in—and act on—your intuitive insights. Whether you are aware or not, you can’t help but respond to life the way you respond. Nature designed you that way.


What Are Your Inner Gifts and How. . .

…can you use them for better energy balance in your life and home?   I show you the natural gifts associated with your date of birth that are, by nature, your unique “superpowers”. That awareness makes it easier to pay attention to your inner wisdom and whispers that are so often ignored. By hitting the pause button in daily life, we get to check in with “coincidences” to see what’s really going on in the moment. We can learn to discern between what is real and what is our imagination. You feel empowered in a way that nature intended.

Knowing our inner design naturally brings attention to our inner voice making it easier to act on intuition. This in turn readies us to attract just the right energy, people and solutions for what we need in our lives and homes and careers. You decide what works for you, especially when the textbooks tell you one thing and your heart tells you something else.

Just being aware of your inherent gifts and talents can help validate your decisions whether changing jobs, trying a new brand of tea or clearing out the overstuffed closet simply because you feel stuck.

Your Energy Theme for the Year

Do you wonder if you’re moving in the right direction in life?   Do you feel stuck in life?   Why does this year feel so different from last year?

Nature brings us an energy theme each year—also based on our date of birth—that affects our feelings in ways we don’t always understand. Once we know our current energy theme in the cycles of time, along with a little awareness of our innate responses to life, we can understand why we’re feeling a certain way and ease up on such thoughts as It’s all my fault. On the flip side, we also are more attuned to any windfalls or benevolent energy in a particular year.

As you discover—or rediscover—how nature arranges your life to match your personal changes of season, you begin to step into your own power without the need to apologize or feel guilty.