Ever since I could remember ……I felt that I must have been dropped into this world from a different planet. Not until I started studying the interactions of invisible personal and physical energy that vibrates all around us did I start to see my own internal responses to those influences as exactly what nature intended for me.

Over the course of my life, I took great pains to become that person over there. Obligated to finish whatever I may have started, I did indeed have some successes in various careers as that person. But I kept being pulled toward the next horizon.

I specialize in bringing to light any excuses that get in the way of my clients’ natural decision making. The choices become clear for bringing more balance to your life and environment.

Agatha Schooler is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner experienced in a Westernized
adaptation of Feng Shui.

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I credit my evolution into energy work to scores of teachers who over the years—one teacher at a time—deepened my appreciation for the wisdom of the ancients who, over the millennia, charted those venerable Chinese disciplines that clearly define balance and harmony in both nature and human nature.

Introducing my clients to their unique personal energy design—a system based on various ancient adaptations from Chinese medicine—helps them shift their decision-making from second-guessing to second-nature to align with who they are instead of following the steps in a how-to book which may or may not work for them.

Whether you are uncertain about changing careers, want to revive a lackluster relationship, grow your business, feel reassured about continued success, or you simply feel stuck, my common sense approach to Feng Shui lends perspective and confidence to allow new and natural results to emerge….Together, we laser in on your Aha! moments with striking accuracy.

In my practice, I help validate my clients’ natural responses to life which relieves them from self-judgment or old thoughts of not getting it right. Once a client discovers her individual gifts inlaid by nature, she gains traction in bringing balance and harmony to her inner spirit and outer surroundings.

On a personal note, my greatest teacher has been the one I have been slow to recognize over two decades, my husband, J.C., a person who is Zen without knowing he’s Zen. His greatest gift to me has been my freedom to wear so many “identity costumes” in my relentless search for individuality. My husband’s non-judgmental nature toward me is the most influential experience I can extend to my clients and to my work.

Agatha Schooler | Energy Design Key West
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